Per Person
2 Hours
Tour Duration

Get ready to ride into the wilderness on an ATV through the Sierras. With a small group and a knowledgeable guide, you get a chance to see some of California’s most incredible scenery as you venture into the Sierra National Forest.

You meet your guide, gear up, and enjoy 2 hours of ride time. Sights to be seen include waterfalls, mountain views, and driving through creeks.

WARNING: Roads are either dry dirt and dusty when there is no rain or muddy from rain. You will get dirty so dress appropriately.

MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT Age 16 with valid drivers license
Helmet, Goggles, and Gloves ATV

Common Questions

Are the tours private?

We prefer our ATV tours to be private groups and do our best to assign one guide to just your group but we do not guarantee it.

Do ATV tours run through winter?

Every year in the Sierras the weather is different. Some years we get a large snow pack and some years we can run ATVs all winter. If you book an ATV tour for winter make a plan B in case the tour gets canceled. We almost always have an alternative to our ATV tours if there is snow like our Viking Snow Track Tours.

How Long is the Tour?

Tour time depends on your group. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to gear up, learn how to ride, and review safety information. After instruction you get two hours of ride time. Plan to allot 3 hours for your ATV tour.

Can the ATVs seat more than oner person?

No, our ATVs are single rider ATVs and we can’t allow 2 riders on them. If you want to seat more than one person and drive your own vehicle check out our 6 person viking.