Per Jeep/Group
2 Hours
Tour Duration

Explore the incredible scenery of Sierra National Forest in the Viking UTV (for groups of 2-6 people) on this guided tour in a rugged and comfortable UTV. Get in the driver’s seat and swap with your friends (drivers license required) and follow your tour guide who is on an ATV. Combine this UTV with ATVs for more off-roading fun!

As you drive through creeks, up to waterfalls (seasonal), and past some incredible views of the Sierra Nevadas, your guide can share some of the secrets of the incredible landscape in the mountainous forest.

Minimum age requirement is 6. Warning you will get dirty!!

Minimum Passenger Age Requirement Age 6
Minimum Driver Age Requirement Age 16 with valid drivers license
Tour Guide UTV

Common Questions

Are the tours private?

Yes the UTV tour is a private tour with your own personal guide.

Do UTV tours run through winter?

Every year in the Sierras the weather is different. Some years we get a large snow pack and some years we can run UTVs all winter. If you book an UTV tour for winter make a plan B in case the tour gets canceled. We almost always have an alternative to our UTV tours if there is snow like our Viking Snow Track Tours.

How Long is the Tour?

Tour time depends on your group. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to gear up, learn how to ride, and review safety information. After instruction you get two hours of ride time. Plan to allot 3 hours for your UTV tour.