Per Jeep/Group
2.5 Hours
Tour Duration
Rough Rating

Head off the road in a customized Jeep Wrangler to see the biggest trees in the world. This outing lets you get up close to a grove of giant sequoias with a guided hike, bookended by a rugged ride through the grand wilderness of the Sierra National Forest.

The drive brings you right to the giant sequoia grove, where you set out on an easy 1-mile (1.6-km) hike. Get an up-close look at 8 immense trees that tower over the over the landscape, and get some spectacular photos of the scenery before you start the ride back to Fish Camp.

SUMMER CONDITIONS Light 4×4 trails. Mostly dirt, some parts of trail rocky
PASSENGERS 4 Passengers included. Each Jeep can accommodate up to 6 passengers for additional fee.
ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Take the doors off the Jeep for added fee in checkout.
Tour Guide Private Jeep Ride Guided Hike