Per Jeep/Group
2 Hours
Tour Duration
Rough Rating

Go off-roading in a custom private Jeep Wrangler as you drive up to Devil Peak at a staggering elevation of 7,000 feet (2,133 m). Your route takes you through dense swaths of towering trees, which break as you ascend up the mountainside, revealing surrounding peaks that dominate the bright-blue sky. Keep a close eye out for wildlife such as bears, deer, and foxes.

When you reach Devil’s Peak, leave the Jeep behind to walk across the lookout to experience epic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Take some photos to capture the memories forever before clambering back into the Jeep to return down the mountain trails.

ROAD CONDITIONS Dirt roads that turn into moderate rocky terrain. Final trail climb is a narrow road along a cliff-side.
PASSENGERS Up to 4 passengers included. Jeeps can accomodate 2 additional passengers with third row seat add-on in checkout for an additional fee.
ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Take the doors off your Jeep for an additional fee in checkout
Water Bottles Private Jeep Ride

Common Questions

Are the tours private?

Yes all of our Jeep Tours are private tours.

Does this tour run through winter?

Every year in the Sierras the weather is unpredictable. On a normal year we cannot operate this tour during winter, but some years we have been able to.

Are the tops off of the Jeeps?

Top off season is generally May-mid October. Tops come off around May and we put them back on when the first rain in October hits.

Can we still take the doors off if the tops are on the Jeeps?

As long as the conditions allow, most definitely! If roads have mud or it is raining and you have booked your tour with doors off we will refund you if conditions don’t allow for the doors to be off your Jeep.